About the Author:


Suzanne Y. Snow was born in Upstate New York and holds a BS in Physics and a MS in Secondary Education: Physics & Mathematics. She has worked extensively in both the engineering and educational fields and strives to inspire young women to pursue careers in the technical fields. 

Enjoying a challenge, Suzanne accepted a winter-over position at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica, as a winter-over during the 1990-91 season. During that time, she worked as a science technician performing experiments for a variety of NSF funded programs in the area of upper atmospheric physics. It was there that she began to formulate the Forrorrois series. 

Suzanne has been a practitioner of Judo and Iaido. The sum of these life experiences allows her to create multifaceted characters and yet still maintain a believable technical backdrop for her stories. Currently, she is working on her fifth story in the Forrorrois series. 

All inquiries to Suzanne Y. Snow can be made through Celestial Snow Media, LLC

The Forrorrois series follows the story of a young girl named Danica Jolan who is struggling to survive the insanity she is thrust into after she is abducted from Earth at age 15 and thrown into an illicit super soldier experiment. We first meet Danica at age 17 when she is rescued from the experiment by the Dramudam, a galactic peacekeeping force and soon discovers that they don't know the coordinates to her world. With few options, Danica chooses to join them with the secret hope someday she'll find her way back to Earth.