With Trager trapped in the Plan of Deception, Forrorrois is suddenly faced with the kidnapping of their three-and-a-half year old daughter, Celeste. Forrorrois soon realizes that her only hope is a tenuous alliance with Collinar, her deadly enemy, recently escaped from the Rehabilitation Center she had sent him to four years ago. As Forrorrois embarks on her search for Celeste, her earthbound adversary, U.S.A.F. General Caldwell, charges her family as enemy combatants in an attempt to blackmail her into handing over her alien technology. Torn, Forrorrois must trust Colonel Jack Stern to protect her parents and brother on Earth as she follows Collinar on a deadly journey of discovery from the Plane of Deception, through the treacherous fringe societies of the Environs and the very chambers of the powerful Council of Elda to save her daughter and Trager. But will Forrorrois quest to make her family whole actually destroy them and serve as a wedge between the Dramudam and the Eldatek culture? 

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Great series

This series grabs you from the beginning. This is the 4th book in the series, and I'm patiently awaiting the 5th. :) – An Customer

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