Books by Suzanne Y. Snow


Forrorrois: Innocence Lost

Taken from Earth by the Utahar at 15, Danica Jolan is transformed into a super soldier against her will. When she is rescued by the Dramudam 2 years later she soon realizes that she has only traded one cage for another and is no closer to reaching her homeworld.  When Earth is threatened by the Utahar she must choose between the forbidden love of a Dramudam Subcommander and renouncing the Dramudam to protect her homeworld. 

Forrorrois: The Homecoming

 When her family is endangered, Danica must act without revealing she is secretly Forrorrois—Dramudam protector of Earth.  

Forrorrois: Trager's Return

When the Dramudam defense codes are compromised by the Utahar, Subcommander Trager must return to Earth to upgrade the defense grid, completely unaware that Commander Collinar has already arrived, plotting to ensnare the Earth in his vendetta against both the Dramudam and Forrorrois. On Trager’s arrival, the forbidden passion between him and Forrorrois quickly reignites, but Collinar’s personal feud with Forrorrois explodes into a game of cat and mouse, throwing Trager into the crossfire. 

Forrorrois: Tears of Many Mothers

When Forrorrois' three-and-a-half year old daughter, Celeste, is kidnapped from Earth, Forrorrois’ only hope is a tenuous alliance with Collinar, her deadly enemy. 

Forrorrois must trust Colonel Jack Stern to protect her family from U.S.A.F. General Caldwell as Collinar leads her on a deadly journey of discovery from the Plane of Deception, through the treacherous fringe societies of the Environs and finally to the very chambers of the powerful Council of Elda. 

Forrorrois: Dark Battles

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